EGH comply with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Your details were never passed to any third parties for commercial reason and will never be. Your on-line booking data are kept under the control and protection of the data controller or program provider: Q book,, Expedia etc… A trace memory is kept by e-mail provider (Yahoo) during e-mail exchange and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Due to Covid the on-line registration forms are kept on Q book server and are encrypted. We just have access to it through extranet.

Eagles Guest House Privacy policy:

Organisation name and contact details:

The Eagles guest house 552A Newark Road, North Hykeham, LN6 9NG LINCOLN

Telephone: 01522 686 346

E mail

Web site:

Data controllers: Heather Liley, Erick Wozny

Current procedures: Data collection:

On making a Booking the guest is asked for the following information:

UK citizens, and Non UK citizens:

Full Name, address including post code, telephone number landline or mobile, e mail address.

Additionally, the guest will be asked to provide either a debit or a credit card number. These details will be used to secure the relevant deposit or payment prior to the guest’s arrival and subsequently to obtain final settlement on the guest’s full bill on departure, including extras (early check in) and payments mentioned in the terms and conditions. (damages to the property)

All of the above is recorded manually on a guest Booking form.

Your e-mail address is solely used to send a confirmation and cannot be used by us to ask for a review unless you consent in writing to this.

On arrival the guests are required to fill a Registration form.

UK citizens:

Full name, address including postcode, telephone number, car registration, car type and colour, E-mail address, signature.

Non UK citizens:

All of the above and additionally; passport number and place of issue, details of their next destination.

Writing your e-mail address on the Registration form allows us to solely use it to ask for a review. You can choose not to write your e-mail address on the registration form.

Registration forms are kept by law in the company files for the requisite year period, Booking forms are kept for a year, both are destroyed by fire. None of them are recorded on a computer.

The Purpose of processing data:

Guest data is collected and processed purely as a means of identification and as a security measure to confirm a booking.

Data categories:

Only contact details and credit/ debit card data are processed.

Retention schedule:

Customer data is retained in accordance to the appropriate authorities’ requirements:

Organisational and technical security:

Being only a small business, the security of guest’s data is easily confined to ONLY the business owners. Guest data is manually recorded on booking and registration forms and is not electronically recorded as a general practice.